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The objectives of the AshfieldCAN are as follows:

active citizens award 2012

  •  To encourage the well being, education, life outlook and personal development of individuals and community groups that are within or identify with, the community of Ashfield.
  • To support and promote activities within or relating to the local community of Ashfield
  • To enhance, protect and promote the natural environment within the suburb of Ashfield
  • To enhance, protect and promote the built environment within the suburb of Ashfield.
  • To raise funds for the purpose of promoting any of the foregoing objects.

Like to become a member?

It’s FREE to join us and become involved in what’s happening in the Ashfield community.  We would love to hear your ideas and concerns on our environment and how we can improve it together.

If you would like to become a member of the AshfieldCAN please email us at comment@ashfieldcan.info or write to us at

P O Box 297
Bayswater. WA. 6933

For further information regarding membership you can contact Lenny McLeod, Secretary on 0439 947 535

AshfieldCAN Committee

President – Simon Perree
Vice President – Bob Brown
Treasurer – Mark Johnston
Secretary – Lenny McLeod


In July 2016 the rules of association have changed and to comply we need to upgrade our constitution or adopt the new draft model rules for an association.

At the September AGM we will be voting on accepting the new model rules  to replace our Constitution but until then we will have them on our website so that you can make any comment. The current constitution is  exactly the same as the new model rules in terms of the objects of association, quorum numbers, and financial year but the new model rules have more documentation on mediation processes and a few other matters.

AshfieldCAN constitution final

draftmodelrules ASHFIELDCAN 2016

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