Ashfield CAN
Minutes Monday 13th May 2013
Ashfield Soccer Club. 7:00pm
General meeting
1. Meeting opened 7:00pm
2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, David Love, Christine Fisher, Noel Berry, Emma Slavin, Verna Schreuders, Mary Walker, Rose Quelch, Bill Busby, Nick Tatnall, Teresa Welch, Mike Lewis, Kara Collins, Darryl Moore, Ian North, Gerry Pule, Geoff Addison, Leo Travers, Margaret Taylor, Bob Brown. Andrew Quaglia, Don Yates, John Gangell, Marion Cahill
3. Apologies: Dave Kelly, Graeme Haggart, Tracey and Ben Tran.
4. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Verna Schreuder, seconded: Mary Walker
5. Correspondence – Out –
6. Correspondence in -Email from Karen Wood -principal of Cyril Jackson Senior Campus
Letters of support for Traffic lights. IGA, Ashfield Chemist, Istanbul Kitchen, Sports Club
7. Reports – President’s Report – no report
Treasures Report – See report.
Neighbourhood Watch – Neighbourhood Watch signs have been reinstalled. In suburb.
8. Business arising- Lucy Bromell suggested the Painting the Bus Shelters could be a project that applied for Neighbourhood Watch funding. Lucy to put proposal together. Have had positive feedback from Cyril Jackson wanting to be involved.
9. Colstoun Road/ Guildford traffic Light Proposal Letters of support have been received for the traffic light proposal. A petition has been placed in the local shops to get signatures. Lucy to write a letter requesting traffic lights to Minister for Transport.
10. Colstoun Road garden. Work will start next week on the Colstoun Road Garden project. A limestone wall and fence will be installed adjacent to the Sports Club to allow for a community garden.
11. Gary Blanch Reserve Had a successful afternoon Tea in the park with a bouncy Castle for the children. Started the “I LOVE GARY” campaign with images going into the newsletter. There was working group meeting that was held that started to develop a plan for the park. The next step is to meet with Council to see if we can develop the plan further. Need to look for funding once we have the plan. With the introduction of the iron filter hopefully water quality has improved. Hard to tell at this stage due to quite a bit of rain.
This project will be linked to the Ashfield Forest Project
12. Ashfield Forest Project. Nick Tatnall and Teresa Welch attended the Tree committee meeting to discuss the Ashfield Forest Concept. The Ashfield Forest project would work in conjunction with the Street Tree master plan to ensure green corridors in our suburb. This would help to encourage biodiversity and a greener suburb.
The first suggested corridor to be developed would be Colstoun Road, Dorothy Street, Gary Blanch reserve and the lane way down to the River.
The plan would be to promote ideas to the community such as “adopt a tree” and plantings on verges.
The Ashfield Forest plan needs to seek funding and look to develop links and partnerships with others.
13. Website Lucy has requested funds to pay to have a website developed that would better fill the needs of the AshfieldCAN.
MOTION: The AshfieldCAN spend up to $1000 to pay for the construction of a website.
Proposed: Lucy Bromell Seconded: Emma Slavin
14. Newsletter The last newsletter was a very successful edition with 8 pages and a number of adverts included for the first time.700 copies were printed and all have been delivered.
15. General Business
• Dave Love questioned the fence by the river east of the French Street steps. He has concerns about its construction and the impact on wildlife and access for fishermen. Dave also concerned about the mosquitoes breeding in this area and the constant flooding. Dave is also mentioned the river bank erosion in areas further East along Ashfield Flats.
• Andrew Quaglia from IGA explained the card/points system at IGA and the fact the AshfieldCAN is a beneficiary of their system.
• Ian North from Kiara Police Station reported that crime was generally down in Ashfield. Burglary was down 6%, Assault down 30%, but motor vehicle theft was up 6%. Crime rates in Ashfield are comparatively low. The Kiara Police station has two additional staff.
• Andrew Quaglia from IGA expressed concerns about parking issues on Saturday mornings with large crowds using the Ashfield Reserve to play Soccer filling up parking outside IGA. Soccer club and Council to help manage this situation.
• Noel Berry very impressed with the Anzac day Ceremony in Bassendean.
• Geoff Addison concerned about a large pile of woodchips at the corner of Haig Street/ French Street that never gets removed.
• Gerry Pule reported that the Clothes donation bins near IGA had been cleaned up and were being monitored more closely to make sure they stayed tidy.
• There was a lively discussion about the Bassendean War Memorial relocation.
Meeting closed at 9:20pm

Next Meeting: Monday 17th June. 2013. 7pm Ashfield Sports Club.