Ashfield CAN

Minutes Thursday 15th MArch 2012

Ashfield Soccer Club

  1. Meeting opened 7.10pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Verna Schreuders , Bill Busby, Zion Western, Don Yates, Christine Fisher, Graeme Haggart, David Love, June Mulder, Bob Brown
  3. Apologies :
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes – Amendment to previous minutes  9.2:  Loan to Soccer club.

Point to be re written as ‘Graeme Haggart suggested that he investigate the option of the           Town of Bassendean funds being paid back directly to the AshfieldCAN instead of via the              Soccer Club.’

Minutes Confirmed – Verna Schreuders, seconded- David Love

  1. Correspondence:

Correspondence in– CANWA to say that the Bench grant               acquittal process had been          completed.

Email from Julia Moody regarding the poor state of Gary Blanch Reserve and state of Hardy        Road/Kataning Road intersection – email to be passed onto Graeme and Bill.

Correspondence out –   Ashfield Primary School – donation towards their uniform campaign.


  1. Business Arising

Roy Hookway Platform naming – The naming of the Roy Hookway Platform has been formally approved by Council and has now been sent to the ‘Geographic Names Committee’ at Landgate for approval.


  1. Reports –

Presidents report – no report

Treasurer’s report –  AshfieldCAN balance is $9994

Neighbourhood watch –   Table has been purchased and banner skirt has been designed. Banner designs will be sent off to be made this week. Lucy to do.


  1. MOTION: The AshfieldCAN purchase a fold up table and promotional skirt similar to the Neighbourhood watch one.  Moved: Don Yates  seconded: David Love.


  1. Underground Power Meeting.

David love has organised a public meeting regarding the underground power inviting Tony Moore, Michael Costarella, John Gangell. This meeting will be held on 26th April at the Ashfield Sports Club. If anyone has any generic questions regarding underground power please contact Dave Love or bill Busby before the meeting.




  1. Newsletter.

David Love is preparing the next newsletter to coincide with advertising the Underground Power meeting. David Love will engage outside help to put the newsletter together as Lucy bromell is unavailable in the time frame. It was decided that 800 copies would be sufficient.

MOTION: The AshfieldCAN allocate up to $300 towards getting the newsletter prepared for production.  Moved: Lucy Bromell,seconded: Bill Busby

MOTION: The AshfieldCAN allocate up to $600 to fund the printing of the newsletter.

Moved: Christine Fisher,seconded: Verna Schreuders


  1. Colstoun Road and Gary Blanch Reserve

Colstoun Road Streetscape – The AshfieldCAN is still interested in trying to improve the look of this area.

Gary Blanch Reserve – Graeme Haggart has confirmed that there are no Town of Bassendean plans to improve Gary Blanch Reserve.  Following feedback from local residents the AshfieldCAn is still keen to see if any project can be initiated to improve this park.

It has been decided to seek a meeting with Council Staff to see if there is any scope to improve the Colstoun Road streetscape and/or Gary Blanch Reserve. Graeme Haggart to confirm a meeting date/time.

  1. Signage at Ashfield Oval

The AshfieldCAn has agreed it would like a sign on the fence of the Ashfield pitch.

Lucy Bromell to provide the artwork for the AshfieldCAN sign.

Lucy to liaise with Bill Busby regarding dimensions of the sign.

MOTION: The AshfieldCAN pay for the production of a sign to be put on the Ashfield Sports Club fence.  Moved: Don Yates.  Seconded: Verna Schreuders

There was discussion about other signage options for the AshfieldCAN including electronic signage. Bob Brown and Don Yates to liaise on this issue.

T -SHIRTS for AshfieldCAn. Lucy to investigate cost of getting T shirts made to identify AShfieldCAN volunteers at events.

  1. General Business

Ashfield Station Pedestrian Ramp.

June Mulder raised concerns about the students from the Cyril Jackson Campus being pushy and less than respectful to other users of the Ashfield Station pedestrian ramp. Bill Busby suggested organising a meeting between the PTA and Principal of Cyril Jackson Senior Campus.

Lucy Bromell to write a letter to Graeme Haggart, requesting a meeting to find a solution to this issue.

Graeme Haggart will also talk to the TOB Rangers to help monitor the situation.

Trees on Ashfield Parade. Bob Brown asked if it was possible to get the Council to prune some of the trees on Ashfield Parade as they were bushy and obstructed visual access to the river. Bob Brown and Bill Busby to write a letter to Council.

Graeme Haggart informed the meeting that the Principal Shared path /cycle path that links to the city was being constructed along the Guildford Road adjacent to the Railway line. This should be completed in the next few months.

The Town of Bassendean CCTV trailer unit is under construction and will be operational soon. This will be managed by Ranger Services and used in a range of areas.


  1. Meeting closed: 8.40pm

Next meeting Thursday 26th April. 7pm.





Signed………………………………………………..President Bill Busby