Ashfield CAN

Minutes Thursday 15th November 2012

Ashfield Soccer Club

General meeting

  1. Meeting opened 7:05pm chaired by David Love
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, David Love, Zion Western, Graeme Haggart,  Don Yates, Christine Fisher, June Mulder, Ben Tran, Tracey Tran, Nick Tatnall, Brian Newby,
  3. Apologies : Bill Busby, Emma Slavin , Verna Schreuders, Bob Brown,
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Christine Fisher, seconded: Don Yates.
  5. Correspondence Out – Thank you to Bill Marmion for his support with the bench project. Thank you letters to Dogs Breakfast sponsors.
  6. Correspondence in – nil
  7. Reports –     President’s Report – no report

Treasures Report – see attached

Neighbourhood watch Report

  1. Business arising

Entry statement. Lucy and Nick to come up with final artwork

MOTION: The AshfieldCAn provide $500 for providing the entry sign. Proposed Don Yates, seconded Christine Fisher

  1. Gary Blanch Reserve   A meeting will be held on Thursday 15th November regarding Gary Blanch Reserve
  2. Stone Bench. The stone bench has now been completed adjacent to the Roy Hookway platform has been completed except for the plumbing.

We have been given confirmation of approval that water can be provided to site and are hopeful that this will be done very soon.

In terms of funding, when I originally requested money from the AshfieldCAN I forgot to include GST so to date our costs are $8796.50 which is approximately $800 over budget being the GST component.

We have also decided it prudent to include anti graffiti measures for the bench which has proved to be quite expensive. So this cost has had to be added in.

I would also like to get a small plaque placed at the site to tell people that this is an AshfieldCAN project but have not allowed any money for this and put money towards a function to open the bench.

Although all the pipework and fittings on site have been included in this budget, we still have the cost of getting water to the site and as yet have no idea what costs, if any will be involved.

The final cost of the bench is anticipated to be close to $10,000

MOTION: The AshfieldCAN put aside up to another $2000 to cover GST and all final costs for the stone bench project   Proposed Lucy Bromell, seconded Nick Tatnall

  1. Dog’s breakfast Report 2012

‘The fourth ‘Dog’s Breakfast” was held on Ashfield Flats adjacent to Sandy Beach reserve in Bassendean on Sunday 14th October

The weather was overcast and threatening rain but luckily held off during the event.

Attendance was down on last year and this may well have been due to the weather and the change in start time. We changed the time to 9.00 am from 9.30am the previous year.

There was a walk trail that owners could take their dogs on that took them as far as the French Street steps. This  was done to advertise the bench project being completed at that location.

Again we ran the competition for the dog that looked most like its owner  which was sponsored by a range of sponsors and Judged by Deputy mayor, Gerry Pule.

Dog treats were kindly provided by Bassendean Pet food supply.

The Bassendean SES kindly supported the event again by cooking breakfast for all the people who attended. It was great to see the number of volunteers the SES had. They did a sensational job.

Personalised pets, owned by Louise Sale came and offered the service of providing personalised dog collars and leads for sale. Louise also provided the first prize for the collar for the dog that looked most like its owner.

The AshfieldCAN and Neighbourhood watch promoted their activities at the event.

The raffle raised $113.15 and the breakfast raised $264.70. We collected $27.00 memberships. This all totalled $404.85

Expenses for the event were $418.03 so we had a shortfall of $13.18

  1. Christmas function – The Christmas function will be held on the Thursday 13th December. This will incorporate the stone bench opening. Invite to go to the whole suburb through a newsletter plus special guests.   Lucy looking for helpers to organise this event.

MOTION: AshfieldCAN put aside $500 to host Christmas BBQ. Proposed Lucy Bromell and             seconded Christine Fisher

  1. Newsletter Lucy and Dave Love to organise content for another newsletter to be put out in time to advertise Christmas BBQ and bench opening.
  2. General business  Lights on Bike path. When are they going to be turned on?

Graeme Haggart reported that the playground repairs had been completed and would be reopened soon. Lighting in that area was still being discussed.

Town of Bassendean is taking ownership of the lane behind the Colstoun Road shops and turning it into a sealed road allowing for high density buildings off Guildford Road as here will be access from the laneway.

Website The ashfieldCAN has been billed to maintain the website $131.00. This is for hosting and domain name.

Website. MOTION: The AshfieldCAN pay $131 for the hosting and domain name of the website.

Proposed Don Yates, seconded Ben Tran.

ROAD SAFETY ISSUES: Tracy Tran concerned about the intersection of Colstoun Road and Guildford Road. What can we do to get it made safer? Remove rubbish bin that is in the site line of drivers.

Brian Newby said that the give way sign on Margaret Street at the intersection of French Street is inadequate and it needs to be a stop sign as too many people are ignoring it.

Ashfield Parade – needs embayment parking especially at the French street end near the steps as people park on the corner and it is very dangerous.

Motion: Send a letter to the council expressing concerns about these streets in Ashfield.

Proposed Dave Love, seconded Brian Newby

Colstoun Road Letter. Nick Tatnall requested feedback on his letter draft for the council regarding Colstoun Road. Another meeting will be set up to work on this letter.

Meeting closed 9pm?


Next Meeting: Thursday 31st January 2013. 7pm