Ashfield CAN
Minutes Monday 17th June 2013
Ashfield Soccer Club. 7:00pm
General meeting
1. Meeting opened 7:07pm
2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Christine Fisher, Noel Berry, Emma Slavin, Mary Walker, Rose Quelch, Bill Busby, Teresa Welch, Margaret Taylor, Bob Brown. Don Yates, Marion Cahill, Tracey and Ben Tran. Graeme Haggart,
3. Apologies: Dave Kelly, David Love, Nick Tatnall, Verna Schreuders,
4. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Noel Berry, seconded: Christine Fisher
5. Correspondence – Out – Letter to Minister for Planning, Mr John Day requesting review of the Ashfield Precinct Plan. Letter to Minister for Transport, Mr Troy Buswell requesting a set of Traffic lights at Colstoun Road.
Letter to the Town of Bassendean regarding Ashfield Forest concept.
6. Correspondence in –
7. Reports – President’s Report – see report attached
Treasures Report – See report attached
Neighbourhood Watch – No report
8. Business arising- AshfieldCAN has been allocated $10.000 in the Town of Bassendean budget for 2013/2014. The AshfieldCAn is thankful for this.
9. Colstoun Road/ Guildford traffic Light Proposal a submission requesting traffic lights has been sent to the Minister for Transport. This has been accompanied by the letter of support received. The petition will be presented in Parliament within the next month.
10. Colstoun Road garden. Work has almost been completed on building a wall and erecting a fence on the Colstoun Road adjacent to the Sports Club. The next Town of Bassendean budget should allow for the garden area to be completed. It was suggested that this become a demonstration garden for the Ashfield Forest project.
11. Gary Blanch Reserve and Ashfield Forest Project. The Town of Bassendean Council will be funding a sub soil watering system in the Park.
Marion Cahill suggested an event for National Garage Sale Day – 26th October.
Ashfield Forest Concept. A letter has been sent to the Town of Bassendean regarding requesting a meeting to consolidate support and ideas for this project.
12. Website. The website is in the process of being built and should be completed by the next meeting.
13. Bus shelter Project. Apart for a costing on paint this project is still to be developed.
14. General Business
• Parking on Saturday mornings is an issue for shops and soccer club. Bill to Liaise with Town of Bassendean and Christian Soccer association to look for solutions.
• Noel Berry noted that there were street signs missing after underground Power went in and is concerned about dogs being off their leads in the suburb.
• Residents were reminded that all cats would have to be licensed in 5 months time when the Cat regulations come in.
• Zion Western said the clothing bins in Colstoun Road are still a problem.
• The Bassendean Preservation group have been invited to speak at an AshfieldCAN meeting so hope they will take up the offer some time in the future.
Meeting closed at 8:15pm

Next Meeting: Monday 22nd July. 2013. 7pm Ashfield Sports Club.

Signed by President …………………………………………………………………………………………………