Ashfield CAN

Minutes Monday 18th November 2013

Ashfield Soccer Club. 7:00pm

General meeting


  1. Meeting opened 7:10pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Emma Slavin, Bill Busby, Bob Brown. Marion Cahill, Verna Schreuders,  David Love, Christine Fisher, Lenny McLeod, Zion Western, Rose Quelch.
  3. Apologies: Don yates, Ian North
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Verna Schreuders, seconded: David Love
  5. Correspondence – Out  –Letter to Town of Bassendean to thank them for their support with the Garage Sale Trail.
  6. Correspondence in        – Grant has been approved for the Bus Shelter Project.

  1. Reports –         President’s Report – A very big thanks to Marion Cahill, also the Town of Bassendean (for suppling toilet), Graham Kiely and Ross for all their great work at the very successful Garage sale at Gary blanch Park.

-Winning the grant for the bus shelter. Start Feb/March 2014 at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus- more funding is still required for anti-graffiti coating, paint, urban artist and an extra supervisor to manage working group.

-Gary Blanch Reserve -meeting at TOB 25th March,2014 to present plans to council.

Christmas function/BBQ to be held 11th Dec at Ashfield Parade reserve.


Treasures Report – no written report

Neighbourhood Watch – Terms of Agreement received, needs signatures.

  1. Business arising 
  2. Gary Blanch Reserve – Things are progressing well after a positive, successful meeting at the reserve with Emma Slavin and Lucy Bromell discussing the finished concept plans with TOB officers Simon and Ken Cardy , Steve Morrisey, Ross, and Graeme Haggart. The plans will be put on display  by Emma at the Christmas BBQ.

Paul Caporn will be away most of 2014 so the proposed work of art for centre of the park has been put on hold for further discussion later next year.

National Garage Sale Trail. –Marion Cahill thanked everyone who helped, especially to those who really didn’t have much time (other family commitments etc) but stayed for a short while to lend a hand. Feedback positive and many want to be involved again next year-depending on progress with the reserve. Shorter time suggested 8am to 1pm and good signage on Guildford Road (different wording with sausage sizzle mentioned).

The Garden Gnome was photographed at the park-where to now?

Lucy Bromell and David Love expressed their thanks to Marion Cahill

Local paper published an article about the sale before the event.

  1. Newsletter Report – To be compiled and printed before end of year. Flyers for Xmas BBQ to be sent out before newsletter (Lucy). Information to be sent to David Love by 25th Nov (deadline). Emma and David to organise printing and delivery by Dec 4th-distributers have to be organised. Some advertising has been coming through to help with costs.
  2. Bus Shelter Project – Money received from Neighbourhood Watch. A quote has been requested from urban Artist George Domahidy.  Karen Wood–Cyril Jackson keen to for Cyril Jackson to be involved. Project to run Feb/March.

Motion: AshfieldCAN to provide up to $3000 towards Bus shelter project to provide for supervision of students on site and urban artist.

Moved Lucy Bromell, seconded: Emma Slavin.

Lucy to contact Ross (TOB) about final details for report to council.

  1. Christmas BBQ –    Bob Brown to organise BBQ. Need 80 sausages and Marion Cahill to order steak. Lucy – to organise salads/onions/drinks. Dave Love to do decorations. TOB to provide tables, chairs and bins. BYO plate nibbles to share. RSVP required.
  2. Website Motion: The AshfieldCAn pay $180 for upgrade of plan for website hosting.

Bill Busby moved, seconded Rose Quelch.

  1. General business. Mowing of Ashfield Flats-WAPC still in control. Some slashing done. Fire lit last weekend-arson, fire brigade attended.

Bill Busby still to receive mail and pass on to Lucy Bromell- Post Office box not required.

Christine to receive notice of future meetings via work email.

Complaints- Bill Busby. Anti-social behaviour on spectator stands soccer club. Reported to ranger /police but is public open space so no action unless they are damaging property or lighting fires.

Graeme-Street Doctor has been a huge success. people from as far as York come to use it.

Zion Western-questions reason for power outages. wasn’t underground power meant to stop this?

David Love noted bulk rubbish pickup same week as Xmas BBQ. (Lucy to ringTOB to confirm rubbish will be removed in time)

Meeting closed at 8:35pm

Next Meeting: Monday 24th February 2014 at 7pm Ashfield Sports Club.



Signed by President …………………………………………………………………………………………………