Ashfield CAN

Minutes Monday 19th August 2013

Ashfield Soccer Club. 7:00pm

General meeting


The meeting opened with a presentation from Natasha Keppert from the Bassendean PreservationGroup explaining what activities the group was involved in. Natasha wants to build links between the AshfieldCAN and the BPG. There is a work day Saturday 15th September that people may wish to be involved with. Natasha also said that the BPG had a grow centre in Ascot for propagating seedlings. This could benefit some of the AshfieldCAn objectives.

  1. Meeting opened 7:10pm
  1. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Emma Slavin, Bill Busby, Bob Brown. Don Yates, Marion Cahill, Verna Schreuders, Dave Kelly, David Love, Christine Fisher, Jeremy Maher, Gerry Pule, Geoff Addison, Lenny McLeod, Sara Beveridge Pearce, Bryn Beveridge Pearce, Mary O’Donovan, Darryl Moore, Danny Balloch, Marion Balloch, Ellen Pernich, Rod Pernich.
  2. Apologies: Graeme Haggart
  3. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Emma Slavin, seconded: Verna Schreuders
  4. Correspondence – Out    – request to Dave Kelly to present Traffic light petition in Parliament.
  5. Correspondence in         – Letter from Minister for Transports Office regarding traffic lights Precinct Plan.                                – Letter from Rotory Club of WA regarding donation.

  1. Reports –         President’s Report – no report

Treasures Report – see report

Neighbourhood Watch – Neighbourhood watch has over 90 members. Verna acknowledges the efforts made by Teresa and Nick Tatnall

  1. Business arising
  2. Colstoun Road/ Guildford traffic Light Proposal A response has come from government refusing to put traffic lights in at Colstoun Road saying there is no budget for this sort of thing at the moment.
  3. Gary Blanch Reserve and Ashfield Forest Project.  _ The Swan Valley Rotary Club              has kindly donated $10,000 to the AshfieldCAn to help improve Gary Blanch Reserve. The AshfieldCAN are to meet with Rotary to discuss best how to use the money.

The Town of Bassendean has provided a budget for Hydro zoning the park and a meeting will    be held to determine exactly which areas will be worked on.

The AshfieldCAn will be                involved in helping to determine the overall plan for the park.

Councillor Gerry Pule has requested that the last pole from the underground power project       be re-established in the Gary Blanch Reserve. Western power will install the Pole as        requested. The location of the pole has yet to be decided.


  1. Garage Sale Trail. A Garage Sale Trail will be held at Gary Blanch reserve on the 26th October. There will be flyers for this at the Dog’s Breakfast. Any monies made from the event will go towards seating in the park. This is a national event so hope to advertise it through the national network.
  2. Bus shelter Project.  Lucy Bromell and Verna  Schreuders have put in a submission for funding from Neighbourhood Watch Australia for this project
  3. Dog’s Breakfast The Dog’s breakfast will be on 13th October  and still need sponsors and people to help with the event. Please contact Lucy if you can help.
  4. Dog’s off leads area  In the process of planning for the Dog’s Breakfast Lucy bromell discovered that the Ashfield Flats area was back under the control of the WAPC who have intended to make all areas under their control “Dog’s On Lead’ areas. Lucy had started to lobby Council to get this reversed. A number of concerned residents were at the meeting and it was the intention of both local residents and AshfieldCAN to lobby both Town of Bassendean Council and WAPC to keep the area as a dog’s off lead area.
  5. Newsletter Dave Love and Emma Slavin to put together another newsletter to be put out before the September meeting.

Meeting closed at 8:30pm

Next Meeting: Monday 21st September. 2013. 7pm Ashfield Sports Club.



Signed by President …………………………………………………………………………………………………