Ashfield CAN

Minutes Thursday 19th July 2012

Ashfield Soccer Club

General meeting

  1. Meeting opened 7:05pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Bill Busby, Zion Western, Emma Slavin, Graeme Haggart, Don Yates, David Love, Mary Walker
  3. Apologies : Verna Schreuders,
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes – Minutes Confirmed – Bill Busby, seconded- Emma Slavin
  5. Correspondence: IN: Email from TOB Graeme Haggart  letting the AshfieldCAN know that $30,000.00has been put aside for the Colstoun Road Streetscape to put in a retaining wall and fence adjacent to club rooms. A garden bed will be developed in front of the fence with help from the AShfieldCAN. We were also notified that there was $10,000.00 in the budget for the AshfieldCAN for 2012/2013.

MOTION: The AshfieldCAn write and thank the Town of Bassendean for their support.

Proposed: Don Yates, Seconded: Lucy Bromell

Lucy Bromell to write letter.

Correspondence out – nil

  1. Business Arising  – nil
  1. Reports –

Presidents report – no report

Treasurer’s report –  no report

Neighbourhood watch –   no report


  1. Gary Blanch Reserve

Gary Blanch Reserve – Emma Slavin and Lucy Bromell have made up a series of signs that have been going up in the Gary Blanch reserve to let people know we are hoping to plan an upgrade to the park and asking for their input. Different signs have been going up on a regular basis. This will culminate with a BBQ in the park in September. Date to be confirmed.

  1. Roy Hookway Platform and bench project  We are waiting for Town of Bassendean Council to approve the project so that we can commence the work on the stone bench project.
  2. Changes to National Constitution – Gerry Pule.  Gerry Pule spoke to the meeting about a proposed change to the national constitution. The change would be in section 96 and would add the words “and local government”. This would allow for confirmation of funding arrangements from the Commonwealth Government to local Governments.



  1. General Business

Playground fire – Questions were asked about the fire in the Colstoun Street playground and when the facility would be repaired. The playground was insured and so the process is being dealt with through insurance.

A discussion was had regarding keeping Local Community assets safe and the role of CCTV cameras in that process. There were a number of differing points of view and it was suggested that the next meeting should focus on discussions about protecting community assets and what was acceptable to the community.

Graeme Haggart to invite the Office of Crime Prevention to this meeting.

Zion Western was concerned that one of the CCTV cameras on the railway bridge had been moved.

Don Yates highlighted the Local Planning Strategy and what this meant for Ashfield.

Graeme Haggart said he would invite Brian Reid or Mr Dykstra to talk at the next meeting regarding Town planning.

Bill Busby mentioned that the lines on the railway ramp had not yet been done.


Meeting Closed 8.25pm

Next meeting: Thursday, 30th August