Ashfield CAN

Minutes Thursday 21st FEBRUARY 2013

Ashfield Soccer Club. 7:30pm

General meeting

  1. Meeting opened 7:35pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, David Love, Zion Western, Don Yates, Christine Fisher, Gary Butler, Noel Berry, Dave Kelly,  Emma Slavin , Verna Schreuders, Ross Rayson, Bob Brown, Ben Tran, Tracey Tran,
  3. Apologies: June Mulder, Bill Busby, Marion Cahill.
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Verna Schreuder, seconded: Christine Fisher.
  5. Correspondence – Out – Submission to Town of Bassendean regarding moving war memorial                                                      Correspondence in – Invite to Last Pole removal Ceremony in Ashfield.
  6. Reports –     President’s Report – no report

Treasures Report – see attached

Neighbourhood watch Report – Head office hard to contact.

Signs in Ashfield need to be put up again now that underground power is in.

. Ross Rayson to follow up.

  1. Gary Blanch Reserve   Emma outlined plans for an Easter family event. Bouncy Castle, magician, games, BBQ and ice cream etc.

We are required to write to the Council stating what we will be doing during this event to let      the Council know.

MOTION: The AshfieldCAN set aside $600 for the Easter event at Gary Blanch Reserve.  Proposed: Don Yates, seconded: Verna Schreuder.

Concerns were raised about the water quality in Gary Blanch reserve. Lucy and Emma to write a fact finding letter to Town of Bassendean council regarding when iron filter was to be installed and water quality samples. Also queries regarding Ashfield Tavern site. Ross Rayson would try and get information from TOB.

  1. Bike Plan- Lucy Bromell highlighted that the Town of Bassendean had a bike Plan out for public comment and it seemed to have little in it for Ashfield and no safe access from the Cycle path adjacent to the railway into the suburb. Lucy to attend the bile plan public comment meeting.
  2. Colstoun Road. Lucy Bromell suggested writing a letter to Main Roads and Town of Bassendean Council regarding the need for lights at the Colstoun Road/ Guildford Road intersection. This would improve access into the suburb for motor traffic as well as allow access into the suburb for cycle traffic. Lucy to write this letter.
  3. Constitution – The constitution needs to be reviewed and it was decided to form a subcommittee to review the constitution before the next annual general meeting. Bob Brown, Christine Fisher and Lucy Bromell to review.


  1. General Business.

Trees in Ashfield – There were discussion about asking the TOB to review the Street Tree Master plan now that the power had gone underground. Emma Slavin talked about creating an “Ashfield forest “and increasing the density of trees on verges. It was suggested that information about growing verges could be put into the next newsletter and maybe AshfieldCAN could adopt a couple of streets as a demonstration project. Maybe engage with Homes West to see if interested in partnering with such a project. This whole concept warranted more discussion and will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Bassendean Bluff. Don Yates wanted to discuss the contamination of Bassendean Bluff and the effect on the quality of bore water that may be affecting Gary Blanch Reserve. This was also to be put off to the next meeting.

Volunteer Fire Brigade. David Love said The volunteer Fire Brigade of Bassendean have been asked to relocate to Forrestfield because the Fire service was moving to Kiara but no provision had been made for the Volunteer unit to join them. Dave wants to invite them to the next meeting to tell us what is happening.

Swan River Bob Brown is concerned about the level of undercutting the banks of the Swan River are suffering from in the White Rocks area of Ashfield. A letter from the AshfieldCAN to the Swan River Trust to be written regarding this issue and what can be done about it.

Bob Brown also informed the meeting that he would be a candidate in the upcoming State election.

Trees in Haig Street. Zion Western questioned if the tree plantings on Haig Street interfered with the cables put underground in Haig Street.

Charity Bins and telephone Boxes. Garry Butler raised concerns about the Good Sammy’s Bins at the Colstoun Road Shops and the state they were kept in with too much rubbish being left around them. The other concern was the telephone boxes and the state that these were in. Ross Rayson said that the Town of Bassendean Council was developing a Policy to restrict and police charity bins.

Re zoning of Ashfield. Tracey Tran asked about the rezoning of Ashfield and impressed upon both State Election candidates, Dave Kelly and Bob Brown the importance of this issue should they get elected.

Meeting closed at 8:50pm


Next Meeting: Monday 18th March.  2013. 7pm Ashfield Sports Club.