Ashfield CAN

Minutes Monday 21st October 2013

Ashfield Soccer Club. After AGM

Meeting opened 7:35pm

  1. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Bill Busby, Graeme Haggart, Bob Brown, Verna Schreuders, David Love, Emma Slavin , Gerry Pule, Lenny Mc Leod, Garry Butler, Nick Pagano, Lawrence Delphin, Christine Fisher, Yenny Berry, Noel Berry, Marion Cahill
  1. Apologies: Ben tran,
  2. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Verna Schreuders, seconded: David Love
  3. Correspondence – Out    – Thank you letters to sponsors of the dogs breakfast.
  4. Correspondence in         – nil

  1. Reports  – in AGM Report
  2. Business arising nil
  3. Gary Blanch Reserve The subcommittee looked at the Plans that Emma Slavin had developed and we are now waiting for a meeting with the Asset Services of the Town of Bassendean to progress the plans.

Emma Slavin will be presenting to the Family and Children’s services committee about the community involvement in the plan.

A meeting with artist Paul Caporn is being planned to look at options for a centre piece to the park.

  1. Garage Sale Trail. The Garage Sale has been advertised and we have a good number of bookings for the day. The ABC has sent out a garden gnome that needs to be photographed at the event for publicity of the event.

We need people to help with sausage sizzle and cake stall.

Need to notify people adjacent to the park of this activity. Need to set out car bays for the day.

  1. Dog’s Breakfast report –  The fifth ‘Dog’s Breakfast” was held on Ashfield Flats adjacent to Sandy Beach reserve in Bassendean on Sunday 13th October, 2013

Attendance was extremely good and everyone seemed to enjoy the day and the beautiful setting. The Bassendean SES kindly supported the event again by cooking breakfast for all the people who attended. It was great to see the number of volunteers the SES had. They did a sensational job. We ran out of all the food which suggests that numbers were definitely up. The raffle raised $177 and the breakfast raised $324. We collected $5 memberships (I think). This all totalled $506

Expenses for the event were $267 so we made a profit of $239.00 which is a first.

The Perth dog Training and Agility Club also set up a course for Pets to have a go at the sport of RallyO.

We had a number of pet adoption agencies at the event and they were happy with the event. Personalised pets, owned by Louise Sale came and offered the service of providing personalised dog collars and leads for sale.

The AshfieldCAN and Neighbourhood watch promoted their activities at the event and the neighbourhood Watch collected a lot of new members I believe.

Thanks go to all those people who worked hard before and during the event. Thank especially to Lenny for selling raffle tickets so well and helping me out before the event. Thanks also everyone who helped on the day. It was fantastic. Thank you to the Town of Bassendean for their support.

Thank you also to our sponsors. Dave Kelly, Gerry Pule, Pride Plumbing, IGA, Ashfield Chemist, Better Pets and Gardens, City Farmers, Personalised Pets, Bromelli, Best Friends Bootcamp. Desperate for Love Pet rescue, second chance Pet matching, The Firm, The Old trout, The Woolie Wolf, Perth Glory, SAFE,

Lucy Bromell

  1. General business.

Noel Berry – Colstoun Road / Dorothy Street sign was never replaced when the new road signs went up. Had concerns about a property that looks like a car repair business on a private property in Pearson Street that looks unsightly

Garry Butler – Had concerns about the local government amalgamation and what would happen to Ashfield in this process. Wanted to know if the AshfieldCAN had made any attempts to contact Bayswater council regarding this.

Greame Haggart provided a brief update saying that implementation was likely to 1st July 2015 and that the Town of Bassendean preference was for amalgamation with the City of Swan rather than the City of Bayswater.

Lawrence Delphin – Had traffic speed concerns about Pearson Street and wanted to know if anything could be done to stop speeding and hooning on this street. Graeme Haggart will talk to Council and Kiara police Station about this. Lawrence also concerned about the number of cats that were resident to a property on Pearson Street. Graeme Haggart to follow up this complaint.


Meeting closed at 8:30pm

Next Meeting: Monday 18th November. 2013.  7pm Ashfield Sports Club.

The meeting was followed by drinks and nibbles.