Ashfield CAN

Minutes Monday 23rd September 2013

Ashfield Soccer Club. 7:00pm

General meeting


The meeting opened with a presentation from Brian Reed and Henry Dykstra regarding the re zoning of the Ashfield area as proposed in the Local Planning Strategy. This followed on from the public consultation session held at the Ashfield Sports Club prior to the meeting.


Meeting opened 7:45pm

  1. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Emma Slavin, Bill Busby, Bob Brown. Marion Cahill, Verna Schreuders,  David Love, Christine Fisher, Gerry Pule, Geoff Addison, Lenny McLeod, Zion Western, Noel Berry, Geoff Addison, Ian North, Dionne Pitt-Pladdy, Nick Pagano, Nick Tatnall, Teresa Welch-Tatnall,
  2. Apologies: Ben tran, Yenny Berry, Dave Kelly
  3. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Emma Slavin, seconded: Verna Schreuders
  4. Correspondence – Out    – Grant application to Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.
  5. Correspondence in         – nil

  1. Reports –         President’s Report – no report

Treasures Report – no written report

Motion: The AshfieldCAn excuse the $5500 loan to the Ashfield Soccer Club

Proposed: Bob Brown, seconded: Nick Tatnall. Carried.

Neighbourhood Watch – Grant application for the Bus stop project has been submitted.

  1. Business arising Dogs off lead area – A new lease agreement is being drawn up by the Town of Bassendean Council and the WAPC so that the area can remain a “Dogs off lead “area. Gerry Pule informed the meeting that the Town of Bassendean in the previous period had received $20,000 from the WAPC for mowing and management of the area and this had been done on time and to standard.
  2. Gary Blanch Reserve and Ashfield Forest Project.  _ The Swan Valley Rotary Club              has kindly donated $10,000 to the AshfieldCAn to help improve Gary Blanch Reserve. Emma Slavin and Lucy bromell met with rotary and it was agreed that the money would be spent to install a nature play area in the park.

A meeting of the Gary Blanch sub-committee will be held on 2nd October.

The last pole from the underground power scheme and where to locate it will be discussed at the subcommittee meeting.

  1. Garage Sale Trail. The Garage Sale has been advertised and we are now hoping that people will book a bay                 through the AshfieldCAn website. People are needed to cook sausages and bake cakes for the day.
  2. Dog’s Breakfast The Dog’s breakfast will be on 13th October and we need helpers for the day. Please contact Lucy if you can help.
  3. T shirts/ badges. Ways to recognise AshfieldCAN members.  Dave Love suggested we need to get T shirts or maybe badges so we can be recognised at events.
  4. Newsletter Report – 850 newsletters printed and delivered. Dave Love said we had a few advertisers in the newsletter which would help cover costs.
  5. Membership –  there was discussion about making membership more manageable because at $2 a member it is not cost effective to chase it up. It was suggested that membership was changed to $5 Household membership to make it easier to deal with. Membership will be due at the AGM each year.
  6. General business.

Ian North from Kiara Police Station reported that Ashfield had been quiet on the crime front      and was not an area of concern as far as the police were concerned.

Meeting closed at 8:50pm

Next Meeting: Monday 21st October. 2013.  This is also the AGM

7pm Ashfield Sports Club.