Ashfield CAN

Minutes Thursday 26th April 2012

Ashfield Soccer Club

  1. Meeting opened 7.05pm

A public meeting was held to discuss the underground power installation in Ashfield.

The meeting was set up for local residents to get information about the project and to ask questions about aspects of the project.


The panel included Tony Moore (project co-ordinator. Western Power),  Michael Costarella (Director of Corporate Services Town of Bassendean. John Gangell, (Mayor of Bassendean), Martin Whiteley (Member for Bassendean), David Love, meeting co-ordinator, Bill Busby – President AShfieldCAN.


Tony Moore and Michael Costarella gave an overview of the project and then questions were received from the floor. Most of the questions related to cost to residents and implementation of the project. All members of the panel made a final comment regarding the project before the meeting closed.

It was estimated over 50 local residents attended the meeting. Meeting closed at 8:45pm


General meeting

  1. Meeting opened 8:55pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Verna Schreuders , Bill Busby, Zion Western, Don Yates, Emma Slavin, Graeme Haggart, David Love, Mike Costarella, Bob Brown, Craig Calvert, Mary Walker.
  3. Apologies :
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes – Minutes Confirmed – Verna Schreuders, seconded- Don Yates
  5. Correspondence: IN: An invitation to National Volunteers Week from TOB
  6. Business Arising  – Ashfield train station footbridge. Onsite meeting was held and it was decided to put a dividing line and arrows to direct traffic flow. PTA to action this.

Soccer Club signage. The soccer club to put a sign on its fence to advertise the AshfieldCAN


Trees on Ashfield Parade. Bob Brown has written a letter to the Town of Bassendean Council regarding pruning of some of the trees on Ashfield Parade as they were bushy and obstructed visual access to the river.


  1. Reports –

Presidents report – See report

Treasurer’s report –  See report

Neighbourhood watch –   Thank you to the AshfieldCAn for supplying banner and tablecloth.



Roy Hookway Platform. A subcommittee was set up to discuss and implement some form of recognition for the Roy Hookway Platform. Members are David Love, Lucy Bromell, Graeme Haggart and Craig Calvert. The Hookway is family to be approached to see if anyone would like to be involved. Lucy to do this.



  1. Everlastings

Expressions of interest in planting everlasting was sought at the Power meeting tonight and residents were given seeds. Seeds to be given to the community Centre and planted at Gary Blanch reserve and the Soccer Club on Sunday 20th May.

  1. Gary Blanch Reserve

Gary Blanch Reserve – A committee is to set up to make a plan to try and improve the look and amenity of Gary Blanch reserve.

Members are: Graeme Haggart, Bill Busby, Emma Slavin, Mary Walker, Craig Calvert and Lucy Bromell.

Lucy to organise a meeting.

  1. General Business

Michael Costarella thanked the AshfieldCAN for organising the Underground Power meeting.

Graeme Haggart said the CCTV trailer would be operational in the next couple of weeks.

Bob Brown researched electronic sign boards. To purchase they are between $15,000 – $20,000. You can hire them from Kennard’s Hire for $150 per weekend.

Website – Lucy Bromell was asking for assistance with the website as its needs work and she doesn’t have the time or skills.

The Town of Bassendean CCTV trailer unit is under construction and will be operational soon. This will be managed by Ranger Services and used in a range of areas.


  1. Meeting closed: 9:45pm

Next meeting Thursday 14th June. 7pm.





Signed………………………………………………..President Bill Busby