Ashfield CAN

Minutes 27th September 2012

Ashfield Soccer Club

Annual General meeting

  1. Meeting opened 7:15pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Bill Busby, Graeme Haggart, Bob Brown, Verna Schreuders, Don Yates, Mary Walker Ben Tran, Tracey Tran, Nick Tatnall, Demelza Ireland, David Love, Emma Slavin , Gerry Pule, Lenny Mc Leod, Leo Travers, Brian reed.
  3. Apologies : stan Karasinski, Norma Karasinski, Julia Moody
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Verna Schreuder, seconded: Don Yates.
  5. Reports –     President’s Report – see attached

Treasures Report – see attached.

Reports moved Don Yates, seconded, Lucy Bromell

  1. General Business.

There was discussion about membership and renewal and suggestion that we need to review the constitution.

MOTION: That the AshfieldCAN membership review the constitution and membership fees by June 30, 2013 with recommendations to be considered at the next AGM.

Moved: Don Yates, Seconded: Lucy Bromell.

  1. Election of office Bearers

President: Bill Busby. Nominated by Don Yates and seconded Gerry Pule.

Vice President: David love. Nominated Bill Busby, seconded, Verna Schreuders

Secretary: Lucy Bromell. Nominsated by Gerry Pule, seconded Verna Schreuders.

Treasurer: Bob Brown, Nominated by Lucy Bromell, seconded Bill Busby


Meeting closed 7:25pm