Ashfield CAN

Minutes Thursday 27th September 2012

Ashfield Soccer Club

General meeting

  1. Meeting opened 7:30pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Bill Busby, Graeme Haggart, Bob Brown, Verna Schreuders, Don Yates, Mary Walker Ben Tran, Tracey Tran, Nick Tatnall, Demelza Ireland, David Love, Emma Slavin , Gerry Pule, Lenny Mc Leod, Leo Travers, Brian reed.
  3. Apologies : Stan Karasinski, Norma Karasinski, Julia Moody
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Don Yates, seconded: Mary Walker
  5. Correspondence Out – Letter to the Minister for Water, Bill Marmion requesting drinking fountain on Roy Hookway Platform Bench.
  6. Correspondence in – nil
  7. Business Arising: Shutters at Ashfield Community Chemist. This issue was being resolved.

Green junction Box on French Street/ Ashfield Parade. This issue was still being resolved.

  1. Ashfield Precinct Plan-  Brian Reed from the Town of Bassendean came and spoke about the Ashfield Precinct Plan. Many of the main features of the plan such as moving Ashfield Railway Station, realigning Guildford road, making Pearson Street the main street were unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future. Re zoning of Ashfield was before the WAPC for approval.
  2. Gary Blanch Reserve  Emma Slavin reported on a successful BBQ held at Gary Blanch Reserve with about 65 people attending. The intention is to set up a workshop for interested parties to progress the ideas for improving the park. Meeting set for October 4th, 7pm. Ashfield Sports Club.
  3. The Roy Hookway Platform adjacent bench proposal.  The Bench has approval to be built although we are still seeking approval from the Minister for Water, Bill Marmion for a drinking fountain and dog bowl down there. Work will be commencing on the bench very soon.
  4. Dogs breakfast  Lucy Bromell is seeking volunteers to help with the Dog’s Breakfast which will be held on 14th October. Also looking for any extra sponsorship.
  5. General business 

Nick Tatnall and Verna Schreuder to work on a sign welcoming people to Ashfield.

There was some concern about the position of the new light poles and if they would be               shedding enough light on footpaths.

Lucy to write to Tony Moore requesting an update to the Underground Power project.

Lucy Needs help with the website. Emma Slavin has offered to help.

  1. Meeting closed 9.50pm

Next meeting: November 8th. 7pm. Ashfield Sports Club.