Ashfield CAN

Minutes Thursday 30th August 2012

Ashfield Soccer Club

General meeting

  1. Meeting opened 7:05pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Bill Busby, Zion Western, Graeme Haggart, Bob Brown, Craig Calvert, Verna Schreuders, Don Yates, Christine Fisher, June Mulder, Garry Butler, Verna Vendetti, John Vendetti, Mary Walker, Senior Sergeant Ian North, Kristine Macri, Ben Trana, Tracey Trana, Nick Tatnall, Brian Newby, Oranuch Yesner, Gabria Jongema, Dionne Pitt-Pladdy, Greg Ireland,
  3. Apologies : David Love, Emma Slavin , Gerry Pule.

The meeting was opened with the introduction of Senior Sergeant Ian North from Kiara Police Station to discuss Crime in Ashfield with particular focus on the vandalism at the Ashfield Playground. Senior Sergeant North presented some statistics for the Ashfield area and responded to questions about what we could do to make the area safer.

Questions were asked about the value of CCTV. Feedback suggested that CCTV proved that someone had been in an area but often failed to be of good enough quality to identify that individual. As technology improves this could potentially change.

There was discussion about CCTV at the Ashfield Community Centre being extended so it faced the playground.

The Town of Bassendean has a CCTV trailer that operates around Bassendean. Graeme Haggart was asked if had been used in Ashfield. Graeme said that it was located at various locations decided by Council staff or at requests from Police. The locations were not made public.

Good lighting was suggested to be a good deterrent to criminal behaviour. It was asked if there was the possibility of getting better lighting in the playground area.

An active Community was one of the best ways to protect a community and things like Neighbourhood Watch should be encouraged.

As train stations tend to be crime hot spots it was suggested by Nick Tatnall that we should put a sign up near the train station to promote Ashfield as having a strong community focus. It was also suggested that there could be signage to promote safety numbers such as transit police etc near the station.

MOTION: The AshfieldCAN investigate being able to put up a sign near the station to encourage community in Ashfield. The sign would also incorporate Neighbourhood Watch.

Proposed : Lucy Bromell  seconded: Verna Schreuders.

Garry Butler raised the issue of the public telephone in Colstoun Road as being a problem.

Graeme Haggart responded by saying that Telstra wanted to remove them, The Town of Bassendean agreed but a Ministerial decision was made to keep them there.

Don Yates suggested that the Public Telephones be moved closer to the Ashfield Community Centre.


  1. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Bill Busby, seconded: Don Yates.
  2. Correspondence Out – Thank you letter to the Town of Bassendean Council. Newsletter.
  3. Correspondence in – nil
  4. Reports –     President’s Report – see attached

Treasures Report – see attached

Neighbourhood watch Report – Verna looking for help to get more street reps.

  1. Newsletter. 750 newsletter was delivered to Ashfield residences and the School. Thanks to Dave Love for putting it together.

MOTION: The AshfieldCAn pay Success Print the $537.00 for printing the newsletter.

Proposed Bill Busby, seconded Lucy Bromell

MOTION: The AshfieldCAn pay the $83.80 for trailer repairs.

Proposed: Bob Brown, Seconded: Bill Busby

  1. Gary Blanch Reserve  Lucy Bromell reported that there had been a campaign of poster in the park to encourage peoples interest in providing ideas as to how to change the park.

A BBQ has been planned for Sunday September 23rd at noon. This will be an event to get people      together and collect ideas and suggestions that can then be formulated into a plan.

MOTION: The AshfieldCAN provide up to $300 to provide food and cool drink for a BBQ at Gary Blanch reserve.  Proposed: Lucy Bromell, seconded: Verna Schreuders.

  1. Colstoun Road Money has been set aside by the Council to improve the Colstoun Road side of the sports Club. Any suggestions of what people would like to see were welcome and anyone who would be interested in helping with the proposed garden were asked to let us know.
  2. The Roy Hookway Platform and adjacent bench proposal.  Graeme Haggart informed the meeting that the proposed bench had been approved by Council and work could commence on that project.
  3. Dogs breakfast  Lucy Bromell is seeking volunteers to help with the Dog’s Breakfast which will be held on 14th October. The SES has again agreed to cook breakfast.
  4. General business  John Vendetti informed the meeting of the proposed relocation of one of the green boxes for the underground power which he felt was unsatisfactory. He had spoken to Council officials and was awaiting the outcome of the decision on this matter.

Someone asked that the laneway beside the Colstoun Road shops be cleaned up as it was in very bad condition.

The new owners of the Ashfield Community Chemist, Ben and Tracey Tran identified themselves and said that they were looking forward to meeting the community and were having some issues with security that they were hoping to resolve with Council.

Lucy Bromell asked for a volunteer to help her with the website as she is struggling to get it done.

Bob Brown asked when the regional Path Network along the river was going to open up on the edge of Bayswater and Bassendean.

Nick Tatnall had some burglar Alert leaflets to hand out and wanted to know if we thought it was a good idea to distribute them in his street.

  1. Brian reed was meant to be attending the meeting to talk about Local Planning issues but was unfortunately held up at another meeting.

Meeting closed 9pm?


Next Meeting: AGM   27 September 2012



Meeting closed