Ashfield CAN

Minutes Thursday 31st January 2013

Ashfield Soccer Club

General meeting

  1. Meeting opened 7:07pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, David Love, Zion Western, Graeme Haggart,  Don Yates, Christine Fisher, Marion Cahill, Yenny Berry, Noel Berry, Dave Kelly, Lauren Fisher, Mary Walker , Bill Busby, Emma Slavin , Verna Schreuders, Martin Whiteley
  3. Apologies : June Mulder Bob Brown, Nick Tatnall,  Ben Tran, Tracey Tran, Lenny Mc Leod.
  4. Confirmation of previous minutes. Confirmed: Christine Fisher, seconded: Dave Love.
  5. Correspondence Out – Letter to TOB regarding Colstoun Road and Ashfield Precinct plan

Letter regarding traffic issues in Ashfield to TOB

  1. Correspondence in – Letter from CEO Bob Javis, regarding Colstoun Road and Ashfield Precinct Plan
  2. Reports –     President’s Report – see report

Treasures Report – no report

Neighbourhood watch Report  – Verna gave a brief report on letter sent to NHW from Lisa Harvey, Minister for Police regarding NHW and the intention for it to have an increased online presence.

  1. Business arising

A letter was sent to TOB regarding traffic issues bought up at previous meeting.

  1. Gary Blanch Reserve   Emma Slavin reported that the sunflowers were just starting to flower. Emma had managed to get some information from the Council about the watering schedule in the park and that there was going to be an iron filter installed in the bore to see if water quality could be improved.  Emma was keen to organise another meeting to start to develop a long term plan and wanted to organise a child focused event around Easter in the park. Emma and Lucy to develop a plan for the Easter event.

Marion Cahill suggested a garage sale at Gary Blanch Reserve on national Garage Sale Day which is in May

  1. Colstoun Road and Ashfield Precinct Plan – Martin Whilteley provided the group with documentation of questions and interactions he had made in Parliament regarding the Precinct plan. He advised that there was little interest in the plan as it stands because of its cost and complexity and that perhaps we should lobby for just the redevelopment of Colstoun Road and a much simpler plan. State Government commitment is critical with such an issue. The scale of the plans had become a barrier to anything happening. If the issue of relocating the Station or keeping it where it is could be resolved then the plan may be able to move forward.

The meeting appeared to be in favour of keeping the station where it is and having Colstoun Road as the main village precinct.

  1. Colstoun Road improvements adjacent to Soccer Club.  The council has drawn up a plan for a proposed retaining wall, fence and garden bed Lights on Bike path. Lucy Bromell suggested the fence needed to continue to the gate and the flower bed curve around the corner. Lucy Bromell and Bill Busby to organise a meeting with Ken Cardy to discuss the plan and AshfieldCAN involvement.
  2. Planning for 2013 Events

suggestions: Easter event,  – Gary Blanch reserve – Easter

Garage sale – National garage sale day in May – Gary Blanch Reserve

Dog’s Breakfast – Sept/Oct

Christmas BBQ – Ashfield Parade December

Emma Slavin suggested we look at ways of getting more street trees and verge gardens into the suburb now that the overhead power lines have gone. Graeme Haggart said there was a master plan for street trees in Bassendean so that would have to be referred to. Don Yates suggested it may need to be revised now the power lines have been removed as the plan was probably developed with species that would not grow very tall because of the powerlines. Information about street tree master plan can be found on the TOB website.

  1. Bassendean War Memorial relocation.  Christine Fisher was concerned about the War Memorial being relocated. Christine was concerned there was no good reason to move the war memorial and that it was disrespectful to do so. Public comment closes on the 12 February. The AshfieldCAN agreed to write a letter requesting the memorial stay where it is. Graeme Haggart suggested filling in an online feedback form on the TOB website. Lucy to do this.
  2. General Business
  • Graeme Haggart away for six weeks
  • Martin Whiteley thanked the community for their support during his 8 years in office. Bill Busby Thanked Martin Whiteley for all his efforts and wished him well in the future.
  • Marion Cahill queried the cash in lieu from the Pearson Street development and wanted to know if it was available for Gary Blanch reserve. Graeme Haggart suggested that proximity to the site meant that it could be spent anywhere in Bassendean and had been spent elsewhere.


Meeting closed 8:30pm


Next Meeting: Thursday 21st January 2013. 7pm Ashfield Sports Club.