Ashfield CAN

Minutes Monday 9th January 2012

Ashfield Soccer Club

  1. Meeting opened 7.10pm
  2. Attendance –Lucy Bromell, Verna Schreuders , Bill Busby, Zion Western, Craig Calvert
  3. Bob Brown
  4. Apologies : David Love, Graeme Haggart, Ross Rayson, Don Yates
  5. Confirmation of previous minutes
    • Confirmed – Verna Schreuders, seconded- Zion Western
  6. Correspondence:
    • Correspondence in- Thank you letter from the school for the donation towards uniforms
    • Correspondence out – invites to the BBQ.
  7. Business Arising –
    MOTION: That the membership accepts the nomination of Bob Brown to become the
    Moved: Verna Schreuders and seconded: Lucy Bromell
  8. Reports –
    Presidents report – no report
    Treasurer’s report – See attached
    Neighbourhood watch – Verna had a certificate of appreciation for David Love from
    Neighbourhood Watch for the efforts to increase the membership in the suburb of Ashfield.
    The membership in Ashfield currently stands at 63 members.
    Verna demonstrated the new indelible ink marker and light system that had been given to the
    Neighbourhood watch for residents to use. It is freely available for anyone who wishes to use it.

Benches. A full bench report was presented by Lucy Bromell. This report plus copies of all invoices
and photographic documentation will be forwarded to CANWA, Town of Bassendean and the local
studies collection.
MOTION: The AshfieldCAN accept and allow payment of all remaining invoices in regards to the
Bench project as set out by the Ashfield Bench report.
Moved: Bill Busby Seconded: Craig Calvert
MOTION: An honorarium of $100 be paid to Graham Kiely for helping to install the benches.
Moved: Bill Busby, seconded: Verna Schreuders.
MOTION: The AshfieldCAn set aside $200 to purchase tools for Cyril Jackson Senior Campus as a
thank you for helping with the project.
Moved: Lucy bromell seconded: Craig Calvert
MOTION: The AshfieldCAn donate another $150 towards the uniform programme at Ashfield
Primary School.
Moved: Lucy Bromell Seconded: Craig Calvert