AshfieldCAN Minutes

Monday 28th April 2014     Ashfield Sports Club

  1. Meeting opened 7.10pm.


  2. Attendance: Lenny McLeod, Lucy Bromell, Zion Western, Verna Schreuders, Christine Fisher, Marion Cahill, Emma Slavin, David Love and Bob Brown.


    Apologies: Nil.


  3. Confirmation of previous minutes: Amendments to be made to minutes- Ashfield Soccer Club should read as Ashfield Sports Club in future and that the meeting was held at Ashfield Community Centre. Confirmed: D. Love, L. Bromell.


  4. Correspondence in: Ken Cardy-reply to letter by L McLeod re Old Perth Road Seating.  Certificate of Placement-insurance has been received.

    Correspondence out: David Kelly to John Day MLA (Min for Planning), Albert Jacob ( Minister for Environment)  and Mayor John Gangell  (T of B).


  5. Business arising from minutes: nil


  6. Reports- President’s as attached


    -Neighbourhood Watch. Verna was congratulated by the Australian Neighbourhood Watch for the fabulous job we are doing in the community with our projects.


  7. Gary Blanch Reserve. Emma received a very positive response at Green Drinks,  and since the organisation have offered their help.

    May-Playscape are involved with developing interactions between community and environment. Green places result in good health. They have offered their expertise and experience  pro bono to the community to build and maintain the park. They also have a good knowledge/understanding of how the process of obtaining insurance and how to work with a council ie ToB. They are a non for profit organisation. May is researching how we have interacted with the community and the council.

    So far the communication with the council has gone very well- Ben Moore (ToB engineer) is the “go to” guy. More detailed drawings have been made (by Emma) and a resource list made and May will assist. Council is ready to start- they were just waiting on the weather.

    Working group have met and plans for a letter drop when things are under way giving further information (ToB and AshfieldCAN).


  8. Bus Shelter Report-went over budget by $700.

    Proposed AshfieldCAN cover these costs. Lucy moved, Emma  seconded


  9. Ashfield Flats/Parade- no response yet to our letters. Bassendean Preservation Group have a master plan for the planting of the flats area but not for the erosion problems (won’t tackle engineering to stop the erosion). Emma suggested we keep lobbying the stakeholders to draw attention to the problems.


  10. Other events- Garage Sale Trail. Marion, Lucy and Lenny met with the national organisers and Ross Rayson at the ToB.  GST people were trying to get the council to sign up and cover some of the costs of advertising, promo materials etc and if they do, we will benefit from it (less overheads). If Gary Blanch Reserve is not ready for this event we will try to have it at Ashfield Reserve but promote it as a fundraiser for GB Res and say it will go back to GB Res next year.

    -Dog’s Breakfast. Anyone volunteering to run it? Or could ToB be able to? Lucy will be away at the crucial planning time.

    These events to be put on agenda for next meeting when Graeme can comment.


  11. General Business-Newsletter. Wait for progress on GB Res and let community know what is going on when work starts after  5th May sometime.

    Christine to start research into the history and people of particular streets.

    Ashfield Forest – Graeme says funding still available from underground power project to fund this. Nick Tatnall and Teresa Welch are still interested to be involved-Emma to organise meeting for interested parties.

    Everlasting seeds-  for garden beds at the Community Centre etc, and any members as well. Lucy to find out how much seed to get.


  12. Meeting closed 8.25pm


  13. Next meeting 26th May 2014.