AshfieldCAN Minutes

Monday 23rd June 2014     Ashfield Sports Club

  1. Meeting opened 7.05pm.


  2. Attendance: Lenny McLeod, Lucy Bromell, Christine Fisher, Nick Tatnall, Graeme Haggart, David Love, Teresa Welch. Apologies: Marion Cahill, Emma Slavin, Dave Kelly, Bill Busby, Geoff Addison, Bob Brown, Verna Schreuders.


  3. Confirmation of previous minutes: Christine Fisher.  Seconded: Lucy Bromell


  4. Correspondence in: ToB Ken Cardy: Reply to letter dated 11-5-2014 re maintenance and ongoing erosion at Ashfield Flats.                                                                       Minister for Planning John Day: Reply to letter 11-5-2014 re letter 15-5-2014 re concerns for area adjacent to the river between Sandy Beach Res and Chapman St drain.                                                                                                                           Correspondence out:  nil
  5. Business arising from minutes: nil


  6. Reports- President’s as attached

    -Treasurer’s Report as per email from Bob Brown attached

    -Neighbourhood Watch-nil.

  7. Gary Blanch Reserve (GBR). As per update in President’s report attached.
  8. Ashfield Flats- as per update in President’s report attached.


  9. Ashfield Forest- Lucy, Nick, Teresa. Ashfield Forest stand at IGA from 10-2pm Saturday 5th July 2014 to encourage residents to sign up for a verge tree if they don’t have one and hand out information. Trestle table with AshfieldCAN banner to be set up on path outside IGA and Chemist. Hope to give free plants to local residents using $500 set aside at the last AshfieldCAn meeting to purchase tube stock and encourage people to plant in their yards (not verge). Tube stock can’t be obtained from Bassendean Preservation Group (too late), maybe Men of Trees or Emma can help.


    Have images available of trees-are there any trees left over-ask Steve Morrissey (ToB Parks and Gardens). Master Plan-Street Trees (ToB) to be available for perusal by residents.


    Community Planting Day or Adopt a Tree event to plant verge trees with residents that have signed up and provide information on how to care for their tree.


  10. Newsletter-David Love. Requests for all articles for newsletter to be in early (end of July) to allow for putting the newsletter together in time for printing/distributing mid-August. Focus should be on upcoming events not so much what we have done (website is for this) eg make a calendar of events to be included.  Lots happening in GBResrve. Include information on Ashfield flats erosion, it’s causes and the publics’s views on it. Photos can be a feature of it.

    Advertisements- what % of the newsletter should be allocated to advertising. We need to decide as the newsletter is for news but the advertising is helpful with the production costs.  Maybe NO more than 25% ?


  11. General Business. Bob Brown via email- suggests to organise a meeting with Mayors of Bassendean and Bayswater plus environmental officers and other interested parties (eg reps from local green/environmental groups), and walk along river to Ashfield. He will help set up agenda and questions. Graeme commented all exposure is good, suggested go ahead and do it if you can Bob.

    Nick Tatnall –neighbour’s car broken into and laptop stolen-has been reported to police.

    Ben –chemist held up at knifepoint-cash taken

    10th July Naidoc Family Fun day. Opened by Lyn Cox-elder.

    Next event is Garage Sale Trail Oct 25th

    First stage GBR

    Next meeting 28th July 2014.


  12. Meeting closed 8.35pm