AshfieldCAN Minutes

Monday 26th May 2014     Ashfield Sports Club

  1. Meeting opened 7.05pm.


  2. Attendance: Lenny McLeod, Lucy Bromell, Verna Schreuders, Christine Fisher, Emma Slavin, Geoff Addison, Nick Tatnall, Graeme Haggart, Alan Deering and Bob Brown.   Apologies: David Love, Teresa Welch, Marion Cahill, and Don Yates.


  3. Confirmation of previous minutes: Emma Slavin.  Seconded: Bob Brown


  4. Correspondence in: Email Marion Cahill-Newsletter time for submitting articles. Correspondence out:  Letter to Town of Bassendean (ToB) Re: Ashfield Flats 11/5/14

    Letter to Minister for Planning Re: Ashfield Flats 11/5/14

  5. Business arising from minutes: nil


  6. Reports- President’s as attached

    -Treasurer’s Report

    -Neighbourhood Watch. Sonia (Curtesy Lady) Bassendean Shopping Centre reported to her purses stolen from elderly shoppers. Will leave Neighbourhood Watch bags at centre and newsletters. If any problems to report to Kiara Police Station (Midland PS A/H 131 3444 Central dispatch) so that records are kept of incidents. Crime is on rise but Ashfield relatively quiet.

  7. Gary Blanch Reserve. Received 3 emails from persons wanting to be part of project. Sara van der Roest one of them- all were replied to.

    Nature play zone costings are being done. May Carter (Playscape) has been helping with planning and development but is now away for 6 weeks. Ben Moore (ToB engineer) preparing budget for park from TOB perspective. Bob commented that Emma should be paid for time/money spent on work done for the project.

    Letter has been distributed with newsletter to notify project is starting any day.


  8. Garage Sale Trail at GBReserve 25th October 2014 unlikely, will look at Ashfield Reserve. ToB to pay $2500 to promote event through council if they sign up to The Garage Sale Trail.  If they don’t we can run it as a Central “Boot Sale”. Maybe WE could benefit. Can we advertise it in Bassendean Briefings? ToB (Graeme) will be discussing this tomorrow at meeting.


  9. Ashfield Forest-Emma.  AshfieldCAN to request to be involved with the ToB Street Tree Master Plan ( Lucy to write to Council). According to Graeme and Ken Cardy some trees have already been planted and there are left over funds from Underground Power installation which will go on planting trees in Ashfield.

    Building community awareness of the assets that trees are, and asking people to sign up for a verge tree with a display stand at IGA. People/community will have “ownership” of their tree and nurse/water it through first two summers if they plant it themselves (Geoff). Geoff to ask Bassendean Preservation Group (BPG) if they have any tube stock to give away and information on good species to plant-Geoff Addison to ask Steve McFarland BPG. Theft of recently planted flowering shrubs noted-hopefully community will take care of anything they plant.

    Motion: The AshfieldCAN allow up to $500 towards pamphlet printing/plants for IGA stand: Proposed: Lucy Bromell. Seconded: Verna Schreuders             


  10. Ashfield Flats- Lucy still waiting on replies to letters sent to Town of Bassendean and Minister for Planning.

      Trees still falling into river/erosion- should we try to get photo to local paper? Photos      have been sent to Swan River Trust by Lucy.

      Boats going too fast. Who is responsible for monitoring this-Harbour and lights? Graeme suggested that maybe the equipment at TOB could monitor boat speeds.

Dolphins are back.

Bob Brown and Alan Deering said walkway/bank stops natural ebb and flow of water into wetland-should it be removed?

People were concerned at the meeting that the attitude from Kevin Bryant (WAPC) has in the past suggested that the whole area should be fenced off and people be kept out because of erosion. He is also in favour of a dogs on lead policy and sited too many dog attacks!

Graeme -Geoscience Department (UWA) might use the erosion of the banks as a case study for students to study. Next Newsletter-will highlight Ashfield Flats and river bank erosion. 

  1. Dog’s Breakfast- Need to find someone to run this event as it will not be held as Lucy is away during the lead up time for this event. Suggested that the date be bought forward to sometime in September to create more of a gap between that and the Garage Sale Trail


  2. General Business. Alan Deering asked why the obsession with  Australian native trees as they make so much mess/litter eg Red Gums. Why not a nice deciduous tree? Emma suggested planting a diversity of trees might be the answer.
  3. Graeme-toilet block design to be considered at next ToB meeting 27/5/2014.


  4. Meeting closed 8.46pm


  5. Next meeting 23rd June 2014.