The Ashfield Flats continues to be an area of concern as there seems to be some confusion as to who is still responsible for the maintenace of the area. Is it the WAPC or the Town of Bassendean? We believe a lease is yet to be signed that will clarify the situation.

The area is clearly in need of being mown and will quickly become a fire hazard considering the good rains we have had so far this year.

Dog owners are concerned because the very long grass and the threat this poses to their dogs with the possibility of snakes and the large quantities of bindies and grass seeds.

At a previous AshfieldCAN meeting on the 19th August concern was raised that that the provision for dogs to have an ‘off the lead’ exercise area was going to be lost on Ashfield Flats due to changes in the management of the land. The land which is known as Ashfield Flats is primarily owned by the West Australian Planning Commission and had been managed under a lease arrangement by the Town of Bassendean. As the lease had lapsed, it was likely that the provision for an ‘off the lead’ exercise area was going to be lost.

The AshfieldCAN and concerned residents lobbied both the West Australian Planning Commission and the Town Of Bassendean Council asking for this amenity to remain.

We are delighted that the outcome of this action is that a new lease arrangement is being drawn up between the WAPC and the Council allowing for local residents to continue exercising their dogs ‘off lead’ in this area.

Many members strongly believe that the area is well used and valued by dog owners as a place to allow dogs off the lead. ‘There is a great community of dog walkers around this area that help look after the land by collecting rubbish and caring for the area. This amenity is important for building community so should be valued as a resource.’ says Lucy Bromell (Local resident and AshfiledCAN secretary).