Monday 11th April
Ashfield Sports Club, Colstoun Rd


The River Forum II presented a fantastic selection of speakers which were really appreciated by the audience.

The evening started with a brief history of the Ashfield Flats presented by Town of Bassendean Councillor Paul Bridges and Natasha Kepert from the Bassendean Preservation Group.

It was fantastic to hear a little of the history and to see photos of the change the Bassendean preservation Group have made to the area with all their planting activities.

This was followed by our main speaker Julie Robert, CEO of SERCUL talking about the Bannister Creek Project. The Bannister Creek Project is by all standards and impressive achievement and a fabulous example of how great things can be achieved when community and government can work together to achieve an outcome.

Julie’s inspiring talk was followed by a great presentation on Mosquito control by Dr Rose Weerasinghe. Mosquitos are an ongoing problem but Rose gave us an insight into the benefits gained by creating healthy wetlands and how this will naturally help to control mosquitos. Rose also spoke about the need for more education across the community to help control mosquito populations as evidence suggests that much mosquito breeding goes on in our own backyards!

The next speaker was Jeremy Maher, The environmental Officer from The City of Bayswater. Jeremy spoke passionately about the project at Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary to re mediate the wetlands and at the same time improve the water quality of the water flowing from the main drain in Bayswater  into the Swan River.

Both The Bannister Creek project and the Eric Singleton Project have outcomes that can clearly measure the improvement to the quality of the environment in a number of different ways.

Paul Bridges then spoke briefly about the newly formed River Parks Committee and who was on this committee. This will be the committee that will be making decisions about our wetlands, our Ashfield Flats.

The last part of the evening was dedicated to what the community can do towards supporting such a process and so we asked Mick Doyle to talk about the potential for “Citizen Science” Projects. Ways the community can gather information that becomes the data that can be used to support decsions that are made about this important area.

Bob Brown, Councillor Town of Bassendean and Chair of the River Parks Committee also presented a personal vision of what he would like to see the Ashfield flats look like in the forms of a painting.

Having a vision and working out how to make it happen are important steps to finding the solutions.

The AshfieldCAn has subsequently decided to set up a sub committee to look at implementing Citizen Science Project sand will be meeting shortly.

Paul Bridges rose weerasinghe River Forum ii