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The river forum was held on the 30th March.

About 60people attended the forum.

Representative from the AshfieldCAN, Department of Planning, Swan River Trust and the Town of Bassendean all formally spoke at the meeting.

The forum was well attended by the local councils bordering the River in this area. Representatives were there from Bassendean, Bayswater and Belmont Council, as was Dave Kelly the local Member for Bassendean. Chris Tallentire the Shadow Minister for the Environment also attended. Representative from local community groups such as the Bassendean Preservation group, Baigup Wetland group, Banks Reserve Precinct Group and the Claisebrook Catchment Group also attended. A number of local residents also attended.

Please open attached file here for the questions and comments that were noted at the meeting   Questions and comments from the river forum

Notes from Lucy Bromell regarding the forum.

Thank you to those that turned up to the Forum.

It was good to see how many people turned up to the forum and believe that management of the Ashfield Flats and Swan River are important issues.

I have to say I came away from the meeting thinking of the Ashfield Flats and River as a bit of an ‘orphan child’- Everyone quite likes the child, but no one really wants to look after it and heaven forbid, no one can afford to pay for it to go through School!

At a subsequent AshfieldCAN subcommittee we agreed that there was a massive amount of knowledge in the room but sadly definitely a sense of “we have been here before’. How we do change this? We need to harvest this knowledge and turn it into a meaningful solution.

As the pressures on the area mounts due to the increase in popularity of the area, the more important it becomes to have a management plan.

We believe that this issue is important and we would like to continue to pursue any way we can to encourage the agencies involved to develop a meaningful masterplan for the Ashfield Flats.

– Taking that child analogy one step further –  ‘It takes a village to educate a child”  suggesting we need to all have a hand in finding a solution.







On behalf of the Ashfield Community Action Network we would like to invite you to a community meeting regarding the Swan River.

This will be on the Monday 30th March at The Ashfield Sports Club, Colstoun Road, Ashfield at 7pm.

The intention of the meeting is the following.

  • Firstly to inform local residents and interested parties of the works being done in the area of the Ashfield Flats. This will be done by representatives from the Swan River Trust, DPI and Town of Bassendean.
  • This will include information regarding any proposed future work to be done along this area and in the Ashfield Bush forever site.
  • A concern often voiced by residents and groups along the banks of the River is the number of government agencies both state and local that own/manage or have responsibility for different aspects or areas along the river. The complexities of these relationships can often seem extraordinarily confusing. We would like to explore ideas for potentially finding ways for consistent integrated management, collaboration and support between government agencies and the community for the Swan River between Guildford and East Perth.

 If you would like to RSVP or submit a question please email

For more information please contact:

 or telephone

Dave Love ( Vice President AshfieldCAN): 9279 7903

Lucy Bromell ( president AshfieldCAN): 0402257965

AGENDA – Community Meeting Monday 30 March


Ashfield Sports Club

  •  Introduction – Dave Love
  • The Ashfield Flats Experience – Lucy Bromell
    • The role of AshfieldCAN in this forum.
    • Management
    • Communication
    • community contribution
  • Swan River Trust – Stephen Lloyd
    • Our role in management of Ashfield Flats
    • Our role in current works near Boardwalk at Ashfield
  • Town of Bassendean – Jeremy Walker
    • Our role in management of Ashfield Flats
    • Our role in current works near Boardwalk at Ashfield
  • Department of Planning and Infrastructure – Alex Harrison
    • Our role in management of Ashfield Flats
    • Our role in current works near Boardwalk
  • Looking for solutions – Questions and comments from the Floor
  • Final notes – Lucy Bromell
  • Tea and coffee.