Traffic light response from Government –  August 2013

An officer from The Ministry for Transport has responded to the AshfieldCAN request for traffic lights at the corner of Guildford Road and Colstoun Road ( see article below)  saying basically there is no funding for such a request at this time, but the situation will be monitored.

Regrettably any upgrade to Ashfield Station and the access bridge seems to be well into the future.  Even to make the bridge compliant for those with disabilities as detailed in the Disability standards for Accessible public Transport does not have to be achieved until 2022. An upgrade will only occur when funding becomes available.

In regards to the PSP (Principal shared Path) and access for cyclists into the suburb this is also seen to be beyond budgetary requirements and considered not necessary at this time.

This is unfortunate for the residents of Ashfield as there is no safe and easy access into this suburb across the busy Guildford Road.

Traffic Lights campaign – May 2013
The AshfieldCAN is campaigning for a set of traffic lights at the intersection of Guildford Road and Colstoun Road.
This T junction is one of the main access points into and out of the suburb of Ashfield. We believe residents are finding this access point harder and harder to negotiate safely due tothe increase of traffic volume and the speed cars tend to travel down Guildford Road,especially at rush hour.
There have been more than 24 accidents at the cost of over 1 million dollars in recent years at this intersection.
Compounding the issue of safe access into Ashfield is the fact that there is no safe access point for cyclists to enter the suburb from the Principal shared Path that has been installed adjacent to the railway line along Guildford Road. While the PSP is an excellent amenity to have for cyclists, it does need to be safely accessible from the suburb of Ashfield.
The AshfieldCAN is also aware that the pedestrian bridge that crosses above Guildford Road at this location to the Ashfield Train station is not compliant as a wheelchair access due to the steep gradient, making access to the train station difficult and possibly dangerous for the elderly and disabled residents in Ashfield.
We believe that Colstoun Road is and should remain the main entry point into the suburb of Ashfield.
In conjunction with our newly elected local Member of Parliament, Dave Kelly and the Town of Bassendean and we are requesting that Main Roads install a set of traffic lights at this location thus allowing safe passage into the suburb of Ashfield for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians from the station alike.
To help us with our endeavours we have written a petition that we would like to include in our submission and encourage all of you to sign it at any of the local businesses on Colstoun Road.
You will find the petition at IGA, Ashfield Chemist, Istanbul Kitchen , the Black Frog Lunch bar and the Ashfield Sports Club.
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