Bus shelter

24/06/2013 · Current Projects

Thanks to the generous support of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia the BUS SHELTER PROJECT has now been completed with students from Cyril Jackson Senior Campus.

Certificate II students from Cyril JAckson Senior Campus have had the opportunity to work with urban Artist, George Domahidy to learn the process of creating aerosol art so that they can beautify the bus shelters with their designs.

Teacher Loretta Lincoln said that it was a fantastic opportunity for the students to demonstrate their talents.

Sessions were initially  held in the classroom to develop ideas and have now been realised as the artwok on the bus shelters.

The designs have all be so different whichis great as it offers something different on each one.

Thank you to the student of Cyril JAckson Senior Campus for all your hard work and helping to make our bus look a little brighter.

This project was funded by the AshfileCAN and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia

 The end George small The end Loretta small