Big Ideas for Ashfield!

This was a meeting to assess what we had achieved and what we wanted to achieve in the future for the AshfieldCAN.

The meeting was held at the Ashfield sports club on 24th September 2015.

Themes to come out of the discussion

Food for thought

The things the AshfieldCAN wants to continue with:

  • Newsletter
  • Facebook page
  • Website
  • Dog’s breakfast
  • Garage Sale Trail
  • Christmas function
  • Completing Gary Blanch Reserve
  • River issues
  • Ribbons of colour

Ideas for moving forward

  • Gary Blanch reserve
  • Interpretive signage in the Park
  • Fairy lights/ solar lights

    The natural Environment
    Growing ideas
  • Artwork in the park
  • Last pole installed
  • Nesting boxes
  • Laneway plantings
  • Bat boxes  
  • Library/notice board
  • fairy doors/ structure
  • basket ball ring and half court marked out
  • Fence/hedge on busy edge of Pearson Street
  • Power box decoration
  • Movies in the park
  • Hopscotch marked out
  • Music in the park

Building better connections

  • BPG
  • Soccer Club – events
  • CJSC – Arts house – Community Garden at CJs
  • Indigenous community – near street Doctor
  • The River
  • Fishing tackle boxes
  • Remove fence along Ashfield Parade
  • Living streams – Chapman Street drain.
    • Hardy Road Drain
  • Regular bird surveys – birdlife Australia
    •  make into a social event as well.
  • Signed trail


  • Signed walk – History
  • History afternoon Tea
  • Collate History info
  • Recognise long standing residents


Traffic calming devices Pearson St


  • Quiz night
  • Tree forum
  • Christmas lights competition
  • Photo competition
  • Another history afternoon tea
  • Best garden comp
  • Have an event coinciding with Avon Decent.


  • Mural on Sports Club Wall
  • Storage for AshfieldCAN equipment
    •  small sea container
  • Skate park – for girls!

All these ideas will now be considered by the committee to see what we can make happen.

Please contact us to add your support!


Big Ideas for Ashfield

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